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What is Kayak Polo?

Kayak Polo, also known as Canoe Polo overseas, is an official international sport that is a cross between water polo, basketball, and hockey. The object of the game is to throw the ball into the goal of the opposing team.


“Although the game of canoe polo is one of the fastest growing team sports in recent worldwide sporting history, it is relatively unknown outside its own sporting discipline.” (source)


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When a player touches the ball they have five seconds to either pass the ball, or they can toss the ball out of arms reach, which is called dribbling. Besides being concerned with advancing the ball, the player must be on guard because if a player has the ball, it is legal to push them over!
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Offensive players move the ball with a combination of hand and paddle skills. Defenders use their boats to ram offenders and keep them from entering into a tactical position in front of the goals.
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Players can also use their paddles to block passes and even make shots. Penalties are given out similar to soccer. For example hitting another player’s hands with the paddle or hitting another person’s body with the boat would be considered a foul. If severe a green, yellow or red card is given.
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This sport is an intense fast paced contact game, where boats collide in an effort to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. The goal frame sits 6ft above the water and is 3 feet wide and 5 feet long.  Five players from each side compete for two ten minute halves.

Each half starts with one player from each team sprinting to the ball, in the middle of the pitch. This usually ends with a loud violent collision, of boats and sometimes bodies.